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Do men confuse you and make you crazy?
 Discover what's really going on and what it takes to win a man's heart

Understanding Men
Is Like Putting a Puzzle Together

Sure, your mother, your sisters and girlfriends, even the books and magazines have some of the pieces to the puzzle, but some of the most important pieces have been missing. When I was researching my book, men started telling me things that I realized women were not talking about, things women did not understood.

The hundreds of men I interviewed didn't lay it all out for me, making it clear what had to happen for women to create the kind of relationships they dreamed of. Instead, I had to take diverse bits of information gathered from books, articles, studies, and the men I interviewed, and organize them in such a way that a kind of clarity a mystery being solved once those final clues are uncovered.

Men Are Driven To Make Women Happy

They can't help it, it's in their DNA. The more a man cares for you, or in the beginning, is interested in you, the more driven he becomes. He wants to take care of you, protect you, be your hero. You know how little boys will do stupid things, like jumping off of a table, to impress a girl? He needs to impress you. When you show him you are impressed, he wants to do even more for you. If you're impressed enough, you make him feel like Superman, and that's when he falls in love with you and wants to take you home to meet his mom. Fortunately, when they're older, they no longer jump off of tables, they actually try to find out what we want.

Men Need To Feel Understood
and Accepted For Who They Are

Of course, we all want that. But because women are well known for trying to change men, men go into a relationship on guard. Their experience has mostly been that a woman is nice in the beginning, then she starts trying to change the man once he gets comfortable.

If you want a man to love you like you've never been loved before, he needs to feel accepted for who he is and appreciated for what he has to offer you. When you learn how to give that to him, you will become a treasure to him, someone he would never, ever want to's that important to him

You Are His Only Source of Intimacy

Since he was a little boy, he's been taught to ignore his feelings. "Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, get back out there, don't cry, be a man, don't be a sissy..." So not only does he not feel his emotions, he's buried them so deep he's mostly unaware that he even has them. But we all know how unhealthy it is to suppress and stuff down our emotions. You are going to learn how to open him up so he can begin to feel safe enough to express what's really going on in his heart. You will become extremely important to him and because he'll start opening up, you will get more of the heart connecting intimacy you crave. You both win.

To a Man Failure Is Death

This may seem pretty extreme to you, but every man I've asked says this is absolutely the truth. You might be wondering what this has to do with you creating a fantasy-come-true relationship. Well, if he's driven to make you happy, then what goes on when you are happy? He feels successful, even if he had nothing to do with why you are happy. When you are the cause of him feeling successful, his heart wells up with love. If you give him opportunities to be your hero, he gets to be successful. Again, you win because his love for you grows stronger. When you understand this piece of the puzzle you will be able to give him the understanding he craves so much from you. He will cherish you for giving this to him.

Men Hate To Have To Guess What You Want

The simple reason has to do with the fact that they hate to get it wrong. That makes them feel like they've failed you, which makes them feel like they've made you unhappy, makes them feel foolish, which makes them withdraw from you. Plus, let's face it, they don't like getting into trouble. If he's walking on egg shells, he's not going to be able to focus on you and open up the way you want.

There are many more pieces to this puzzle and when you have them all, you will have an "ah, ha" moment that will allow you to see men like never before. You will finally be able to know exactly what to do to achieve that fantasy relationship you want.

Are You Tired of Settling For Less Than Your Heart Desires?

Yes, Kara! I don't want to settle any longer. Iím ready to have more love and romance. I'm ready to have my love life change. I'm ready to amaze him!

You Have Choices!

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    and Companion Workbook - $39.95
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    (instantly downloadable to your computer so you can begin reading in minutes)
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    with Companion Workbook - $44.95
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In order to instantly receive these ebooks, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Word on your computer. If you do not have it, we will provide you with a free copy to instantly install (takes less than 2 minutes).

p.s. Still hesitating? Why deny your heart the love it really craves? Thousands of women are happier, more desirable, and more loved than theyíd ever dreamed possible since applying what's in Men Made Easy. Donít waste another night settling for less than you secretly want!

p.p.s. Heíll look at you with amazement within two weeks. Youíll enjoy a tender, passionate lover who canít do enough to make you happy! Donít wait another minute to melt into the arms of a man who adores you!

About Kara Oh

Kara is the best-selling author of Men Made Easy. She's a seminar leader, motivational speaker, radio and TV personality, mother of two fantastic grown children, and grandmother of a magical 11 year old grandson. At 58, she's enjoying the best relationship, by leaps and bounds, of her life.

Kara Oh has been on hundreds of radio and TV shows across the country, and visited bookstores in every major city discussing her best-selling book. She is regularly featured in magazines like Cosmopolitan and Women's World. She is an enlightening and entertaining public speaker and has traveled to all the major US cities sharing her insights about what makes men tick and how to create amazing relationships.

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